Facebook censors democratically elected Greek politicians

A statement by Golden Dawn against Facebook

10 November 2012 / 12:11:40  GRReporter
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In a statement, Golden Dawn accuses the social network Facebook of having deleted the profiles of the party’s deputies. The statement also reads that the management of the network has recently been subjected to violent attacks against users-nationalists through various tactics – blocking of profiles, as well as a periodical and unreasonable deletion of profiles of nationalist supporters. Facebook’s administration has removed all the profiles of the deputies as well as those of dozens of Golden Dawn supporters, thus creating an “unjustified censorship,” the party emphasizes. The statement also reads that this fact, combined with the rise of the People’s Nationalist Movement in the Greek society, proves that this electronic censorship is by no means accidental. However, this attack on Golden Dawn will be in vain again.

Meanwhile, in a discussion in Parliament deputy Antonis Gregos asked Deputy Education Minister Theodoros Papatheodorou for “a revival of the national worldview in schools”. To justify his request, the Golden Dawn deputy pointed out the accusations by students and parents against teachers of an anti-Greek propaganda, especially in sensitive areas such as Thrace. According to Gregos, the Ministry should remind the directors of schools in Thrace, which is threatened by Turkish propaganda, what their duty is. He also stressed that Golden Dawn will be visiting schools and may cover the costs for purchasing flags.

In turn, Theodoros Papatheodorou said that schools are not places to be visited, but places for education and training, and whoever wants to visit them, may do so only after the proper authorization, whether it comes to “an institutional visit”, as claimed by Golden Dawn, or something else, because this is required by the law. To the claim of the Golden Dawn members that besides politicians they are parents as well, the Deputy Minister said that as such, they participated in parent councils and boards and they should ensure the educational process and democratic functioning of schools. Shortly before that Antonis Gregos said that the role of students and teachers in schools should be based, in addition to education, on the triptych of Greek ideals “homeland, religion, family.”

As to the request for reviving the national worldview, Papatheodorou said: “The educational process is carried out under the absolute control of the Ministry, which means that everything that is taught in schools is based on analytical programmes approved by the Ministry, entirely in the spirit of Greek education, and teachers implement these programmes in each subject”. Which makes the deputy’s question incomprehensible and unjustified.


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